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Falkor Technologies LLC is a technology, hosting and Managed IT services company based in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
It all started in 2004 with a summer job at an ISP - shortly thereafter, 'MWMASTER.COM' was born, which for many years served as a creative space for sandboxing, hosting various things for myself, friends and partners. Since that time, I've had the opportunity to work on various projects as well as meet and partner with some great people and develop some great ideas.

We aim to serve those who still want to own their data. We'll manage your network, servers & data so you dont have to. Host your own equipment, lease ours, or talk with us about your needs and we'll tailor your servers and/or hosting exactly to your specs. Host your DNS, Email and File Storage, Data Backup and Recovery, we'll even host your home entertainment Media Server or personal box or gadget.

We're not a reseller. We're not a middle man. We mean business. Our servers and base of network operations are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA with backup services in Columbia, South Carolina - British Columbia, Canada and Strasbourg, France. With Falkor Technologies, your services are hosted with us, on our physical servers in data center space that we lease - which allows for better reliability, up time and control. And because were not a reseller like the sea of other hosting and managed service providers out there, that allows us to be wildy low cost and competitive!

If you would like to place your server(s) in our datacenter space, would like more information about our services or have other questions, drop us an email or give us a call! read more...

Falkor Tech also serves as a home & launching pad for different projects.
We foster ideas and innovation.
Contact us and let's build something together!

"An unexamined life is not worth living." -Socrates

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lyrabox - Android powered Smart TV Box/DVR/Streaming device.

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falkor.MX - secure hosted email service.

Unlimited accounts (or choose from one of several we own)
accounts include NextCloud (Calendar, Contacts, File Storage/Sync)
Hosted in Canada - SSL/TLS/DNSSEC

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MONTAUK Labs - More info to come...

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Falkor Technologies acquires FFAST.NET

Started in 1999 as 'The Peoples Internet', it served Dial-up and Broadband Internet to much of southeastern North Carolina in the early rise of the Net. It was eventually purchased by NC Easy Internet (NCEZ.NET) and the name was later abandoned, as late as 2008.
We are happy to bring back FFASTNET! We will share more info as more becomes available...

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